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Remarkable Refinements Hosted by the Updated .Net 4.8

Going through this article will enable you to nurture your knowledge on .Net framework, thereby making you aware of the improved features of its latest version, .Net 4.8. It explains the key aspects to bear in if you want to upgrade your version of Dot net application and what benefits you can derive. 


Conventional wisdom states, “Change is the only constant”. This very fact can be witnessed in each and every facet of human lives, especially when it comes to technological refinements. Every other day, we come across a plethora of emerging technologies and their upgraded versions, which reflects more improvisation. Likewise, the Microsoft .Net Framework has advanced to a great extent over time. New enhancements and features have been introduced for making it more secure, stable, fast and high performant, thereby refining the task of Dot Net developers of Australia as well. 


Here we bring a bird’s eye view on the major improvements made in the .NET 4.8 framework. 


What it’s all about

While installing .Net 4.8, you will notice that it is actually being installed as .Net for maintaining compatibility with the older versions. It signifies the fact that if there is an older version already being installed in your system, then the installed version will upgrade the same to 4.8. However, in case you have an older framework like 1.1, 3.5 or 2.0, then it will simply run alongside. Well, there are 3 typical key aspects to look on which, are:


Open source Dot Net framework packages

Dot Net 5 is a componentized, modern framework, which ships via NuGet. It means you will be able to ship or despatch a private version of this framework by using your app. Versions of other apps will not be able to change the behaviour or functioning of your app. 


Dot Net Core has been developed for Mac, Windows and Linux which, will be both open source and aksi being supported by Microsoft. Deploying these .Net packages will be beneficial for developers by using a fully open source, fully supported fully cross-platform to create cloud and server applications. This, in turn, will enable the .Net professionals of Microsoft for collaborating more effectively with the large pool of developers across the world. 


Support for encodings of code page

.Net initially supports the Unicode encodings. Moreover, by default, it offers restricted support for the code page encodings. You will be able to add support to the encodings of code page, which are available in the Dot Net framework. However, such are unsupported in Dot Net Core while registering code page encodings along with the Encoding RegisterProvider method. With this advanced support for the code page encodings, .Net developers need not worry about any fallback strategy for any object encoding to be used. 


Advancements to event tracing

You can create an EventSource object directly where you can call one of the ‘Write’ () modus operands for emitting self-describing events. EventSource offers channel support where some of the validation rules of it have been realized.  It means: 

  • The types of EventSource can now implement interfaces, which commences the use of them in various advanced logging systems that deploy interfaces for defining one common logging target. 
  • Moreover, it has introduced the concept of utility event source types, which enable sharing code through a series of multiple EventSource types in the project for enabling scenarios like optimized WriteEvent overloads. 


This advanced framework facilitates out-of-process (ETW) Event Tracing for Windows-based activity tracing for a larger area. This allows (APM) Advanced Power Management vendors for providing lightweight tools which, precisely track expenses of individual activities and requests that cross threads. This series of events comes to the picture only when the ETW controllers allow them. Thus, the modifications don’t affect the existing ETW codes, which operates with ETW disabled. This, in turn, results in increased performance of applications effectively. 


What are stored for the future

Microsoft has combined all of the several next generation’s .NET elements under a single roof. This includes .NET 4.8, which serves as the next advancement to desktop, which will include a series of tweaks to the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) subsystem. Moreover, this also includes ASP.Net v5 that is being comprehensively re-engineered as more modular for the ‘cloud-first’ world. Thus, on a final word, by deploying .Net 4.8 at its best, the Dot Net developers of Australia will certainly be able to bring more innovative, enterprise-class and refined web applications to the picture. 


Johan Smith is a senior IT expert, tech enthusiast and dynamic professional who is very keen on sharing details about the emerging technologies. He has written numerous articles relating to the potential of Dot Net developers of Australia in bringing world-class web applications into the picture. He works at GetAProgrammer, a leading company in the country providing custom applications development to businesses including .Net applications.  

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Best Magento eCommerce Development Company in Australia

Starting an online business? Need to build an online eCommerce store? Looking for Magento experts in Sydney at a pocket-friendly cost? GetAProgrammer can be your one-stop eCommerce solution provider for all these. Starting from store planning to online eCommerce shop development, adding new features to your existing store to customisation, store deployment to support and maintenance, this Magento eCommerce development company will provide you with full-fledged eCommerce development services.


Being a leading Magento eCommerce development company in Australia, We guarantee a fully-integrated and responsive online store with a number of crucial features:


  • Flexible product display option
  • Multiple payment transaction options
  • SEO-friendly
  • Security 
  • Multi-stores and multi-sites functionality
  • Scalability and many more.


Why are we best in Magento development? 


  • We house skilled and experienced Magento developers
  • We follow strict Quality Assurance standards
  • Transparent workflow
  • Timely delivery of your project


Reach our expert Magento development team for any issues related to your Magento eCommerce development. 


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Website address: https://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/ 

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4 Emerging Software Development Trends to Address this Year

This article puts an emphasis on the 4 key advancements which, are going to be witnessed by the domain of software development this year. 


A lot has been witnessed by the world of software development in the past years. Numerous concepts and conventions have come to the picture which, has helped the consumer-focussed companies to reach out new prospects by entering into the enterprise-class IT space. A number of software development companies in Sydney has expanded their operational periphery, thereby delivering an array of avant-garde IT solutions. 


Moving into 2019, the consumers are going to experience more flexibility and user-friendliness in the space of software development. With the objective of giving you a clear insight, here are some of the most significant trends to watch out this year. 


Stimulation of DevOps adoption

DevOps’ acceptance has being exploded this year on a drastic note and certainly with good reasons, it serves as an effective IT method which, facilitates collaboration and communication in between different parts of a company. This trend is about to continue in the following years at an exponential rate. As organizations growing to be more integrated, thereby transferring more and more amounts of data to cloud, the significance of DevOps is going to increase. 


Rising wave of being natively mobile

The Responsive web is not going to be enough. Organizations are going to move their offerings and products to native mobile apps. This in turn, will compel consumers to demand that such experiences move with them via their devices. 


Soon, cloud computing  will be addressed as a thing of past

This does not indicate the fact that: the cloud is going to become obsolete, at least not for the recent years to come. Rather, ‘computing’ will soon going to be synonymous with ‘cloud computing’. Well, most of the businesses use the cloud technology in some capacity or the other. But, the ones who are not deploying this technology till now, they must get on board fast since, it is not only regarded as a significant aspect to facilitate customer engagement but, is also used for managing the internal operations as well.


Growing demand for increased privacy

Online privacy has gained wide attention presently. It signified that not a single enterprise was exempt against damaging the data breaches ranging from major banks to various dating sites. With the influx of more apps and sites which, are responsible for protecting personal information, consumers are looking for more efficient protection systems and the enterprises should be charged if, such adjustments are not being made fast. 


What the future has actually in store is uncertain and so what new advancements are to embark this year or what trends will actually make off are yet to be discovered. But, the software development companies in Sydney must consider these areas to stay steadfast and updated, thereby staying ready to serve the demanding needs of customers. 


Johan Smith is a senior technology expert who has gained wide acceptance in writing numerous articles relating to technological refinements and inclusions made by the software development companies in Sydney to improvise their service. GetAProgrammer is one of them which provide businesses with custom software solutions suiting to their every need. 

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Need to hire a programmer in Australia? - GetAProgrammer

Do you need to hire a programmer in Australia? At GetAProgrammer, we provide you with the best possible software solutions for ERP, CRM, mobile apps, web applications, online stores, and more. 


We provide our clients with next-gen business solutions to help them explore new opportunities and unleash their every prospect. From conceptualisation to solutions, our process comprises all the phases needed for delivering complete software solutions.


Perks of hiring a programmer from GetAProgrammer

  • Dedicated team - Our team of professionals have over 10+ years of working experience and in-depth domain knowledge in all the latest frameworks.
  • Work transparency - Stay updated with daily status reports, timesheets, and weekly project demos to assure your requirements are met.
  • Easy communication - We are available on phone, email, Skype, and instant messaging. You’ll have all-day communication and support from our end.
  • Quality assurance - Our over 10+ years of experience and expertise have led to matured processes that ensure timely delivery of quality solutions.

Contact Details


Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: https://www.getaprogrammer.com.au/

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How To Design Apps That People Love Using

While mobile apps are getting maximum limelight in businesses as a premier marketing tool, this article explains what should be done to craft mobile apps that will be loved by people.


Businesses are getting ahead in marketing with a robust marketing medium, i.e. Mobile apps. Just like their website counterparts, companies can now have a brilliant mobile app through which they become accessible to everyone within a hand’s reach. The biggest advantage today for businesses is that mobile app development is easy to start with plenty of app development companies available. So, any enterprise caught with a digital product idea or a new feature can get an app developed instantly. But, how to develop it in a winsome way so that customers are delighted to use it is a big question. Here, the points below explain how to get an app developed and designed in a way that people will love.


Knowing the target audience

Before you design the app with the help from an app development team, you need to know whom it will target, the purpose for which the app will be used and what is the pattern of the targeted groups’ mobile use. In other words, you should be studying the nature of the customers or targeted audience in and out to put in features and elements in the app that will match their expectations. 


Focussing on customer-centric design

The second thing you need to focus on for getting your app developed is a design that people will understand. It means a customer-centric design with no intricacies and simple user-interface. To make that possible you need to get paired with a development firm who are updated with the latest user-preferences and can build an interface that will cause positive user experience. 


Use of eye-catchy icons

Icons and graphics within the app have an impact too on the user-experience. They play a major role in holding the attention of the users and in guiding them to try key actions on the app. However, make sure to keep the icons and graphic images and logos as simple as possible with minimal colours and contrasts to prevent the app from looking cluttered.  


Following an agile designing process

Most apps seem to look different from what was proposed initially because of discrepancies in the design methodology. Before the app team start designing, they should know what exactly they are designing and get a plan to get it done. A proper methodology for designing an app that developers should follow goes like this: Requirement gathering, wireframing, designing of onboarding, home screen, UI designing, testing designs. Thus, make sure your app development agency follow these.


Ensuring device compatibility

One last aspect to take hold of to ensure your app works well for all users is device compatibility. While you get it designed by the professionals, convey them at very first the mobile platforms or operating systems you want to target. Even after an app’s design looks excellent, it can fail miserably if one group of users can access it while another cannot. An incompatible design also may result in the app unable to open when a device’s operating system gets a major user update. 


The idea behind explaining these is to let you know the usual, proven and most ideal flow of designing an app if you wish to make it user-friendly as well as appealing to the eyes. Clearly, trying to reinvent the wheel is never going to work but you need to stick to the known patterns to get success in your app development. 


Johan Smith is one of the mobile app developers in Sydney at GetAProgrammer, a leading app development partner for businesses in Australia which have delivered 100+ innovative mobile app solutions in retail, eCommerce, sports, eTicketing, Finance, healthcare, and education sectors. 

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Breaking the Ice: What Sets Magento 2.0 as the Improved Version

 Going through this article will enable you to learn about the improvised features of Magento 2.0, thereby unraveling how it has surpassed the efficiency of the older version. 


Way back in November 2015, Magento came up with a very big news; The new era of eCommerce innovation starts with launch of Magento 2.0. Well, you can be forgiven for not paying attention since, the announcement was made just before the Thanksgiving day when, you might have been busy preparing the appetizing dishes or giving gifts for your dear ones. But, there’s not to worry much, as we are there to unravel the story. With this improved version, the Magento developers can be able to build more refined ecommerce websites which, will drive greater success to users. 


Now, it’s not that the first version of Magento Enterprise or Community featured anything wrong but, Magento 2.0 comes with some enhanced upgrades for a better user experience. Following here are 5 best features which, have the business opportunists completely amazed and confident about the thriving future of eCommerce. 


An ever-growing set of enhanced, newer extensions

Magento 2.0 came with a number of extensions across all categories. In case, the website is presently being operated with Magento 1.x, then you might require to add a few dozens of extensions now. It is quite tempting to be stick-in-the-mud while resisting the varied changes of new Magento so that, you can keep the old platform by restricting the need of switching over. However with 2.0, irrespective of whether you choose the Community or Enterprise version, web developers are deploying this platform widely for modifying and streamlining the extensions being made for 1.x. So, with the improvised version, you will be able to bestow the website with an improved look.


Sturdy coding architecture designed to facilitate a plethora of future improvements in web design and coding

An extensive upgrade to the updated version signifies the consolidation amount, which has direct link to coding of the system. The modular code base of 2.0 has adopted HTML5 completely, with extra working space for CSS3 and needs JavaScript. Moreover, the system’s updated version utilizes MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.5x. All the programs which, Magento has under its hood signify that the enterprise is looking forward to a series of future developments and innovations which, are surely going to benefit businesses in the years to come. 


Simplified dashboard for better admin

Well, sooner the day is going to come, when looking at the old admin panel Magento users are going to wonder how they actually managed to work with it. This updated admin panel will allow greater functionality and simplicity, which is very similar to a Wordpress site. Thus, you can derive the results faster by viewing the more straightforward dashboard available with Magento 2.0. The older one indicated that; only the high initiators will be able to administer the site effectively. But, now there is a more gentle learning line for admin panel. Thus, you can stay sure that after dragging your IT professionals to the incorporation of 2.0, eventually they are going to love it for providing them with an easier and enhanced field to work. 


A growing client-centric shopping experience

At its core, Magento always focussed to create an enterprise-class eCommerce experience. With an intense and diverse range of API compatibility, your website will be provided with more number of 3rd party integration tools, thereby leading to an improvised UX/UI. One significant change to note is: the inclusion of a single click account creation and client profiles, thereby offering a less intrusive and nimbler shopping cart experience. The ultimate outcome is less abandoned shopping carts and higher conversions. 


More secure and safer payments and upgrades

Inventors were always in search of loopholes to create something and so, does the Magento professionals. Likewise, they always focussed on making the operations safer. The upgraded version hosts an automatic upgrade installer for keeping all the systems performing and up-to-date. This also helped the users to shield their websites against the potential outside breaches or hacks and faulty codes. Integration with BrainTree payments, Authorize.net and PayPal has made it much CPI-compliant, thereby making the site more unbreachable, secured and safer. 


Wrapping up

Hopefully, by now you are thorough to decipher the real difference between the ‘older’ Magento and ‘new’ Magento. Thus, the next time you look for Magento developers to revamp your site or create a new website, then make sure that they are well-versed with the newer version. 


Johan Smith is a tech buff, senior technology expert, adventure seeker, traveler and foodie, who pens down anything and everything that fascinates him. He has written a number of writeups about considerations to make before hiring Magento developers

Source: http://getaprogrammersau@gmail.com

Help Your Business Go Paperless With A Great ERP Solution

While an ERP system bestows a business enterprise with countless profits, this article takes an attempt to explain how it can help a business go paperless and derive the benefits of automation.


In this age of fierce competition, every business is trying to make operations faster,  cut costs and raise profits. All that can help them grow fast and outshine others. Business experts and entrepreneurs advocate making the operations of enterprises go paperless. It does not just save up the costs of operations, but also help in the execution of processes and decisions faster.




Apart from that, going paperless has been the motto of individuals, businesses and corporations all around the world because of its clear environmental implications.


So, here’s how an ERP solution can help a business go paperless.


Cleans up the files clutter

No one today likes to go through heaps of paper files or documents to find up some anything about the business or any process. Besides, it is too time-consuming!  ERP system gives a digitised database where every information is stored safely in a completely organised way. This makes information more easily and conveniently accessible.


Accounting stuff become paperless

Accounting is that area in the business that needs too much paperwork and data, record maintenance. So, taking the whole process to a paperless mechanism like Document Management System, an ERP integration will not just reduce the use of paper, but also improve efficiency by saving the time for manual data entries.


Knowledge transfer becomes so easy

Knowledge transfer within the organisation is the key to business prosperity. But, sharing it through rough hand notes or note pads isn’t that effective. Using digital applications, such as document sharing tool,  a dashboard for all activities record, or a shared portal for queries, transferring knowledge and circulation of information becomes easy. Every modern-day ERP software being equipped with cloud-based functionality has such features or applications for knowledge sharing.


Customer payments or invoicing processes become faster

Sending paper invoices not just makes use of lots of paper but also delays the process of payment. Thus, switching to online payment and email invoicing will help your business acquire payments from customers much quicker. ERP software helps in creating and tracking invoices, handling unpaid bills by sending follow-up requests to clients and so forth.

Makes data safe and secure

While paper files and loose documents can be stolen, misplaced or lost, there’s has to be some individuals to take care of all the files stored in cabinets. However, going paperless saves a business from these hassles by allowing everything to be shared and saved on the cloud database. Even for sparing a business from any technical default, the database can be copied and stored in multiple backup locations.

That’s it. Going paperless with a great ERP software will help you with cost savings, additional security, besides making it environmentally responsible.

Johan Smith is an experienced Odoo consultant in Sydney who is a part of GetAProgrammer, a leading Australia’s ERP solutions provider with years of expertise in different industry-specific solutions. He has been providing ERP consultation and implementation guidance to entrepreneurs to make their processes efficient.

Get Custom Web-store With Magento Development Services
Get Custom Web-store With Magento Development Services

Make your web-store shoppable with world-class Magento development services at GetAProgrammer. Our team of Magento experts in Sydney makes sure to provide an impressive shopping experience to your target audience. Also, our services are available at a cost-effective budget. Contact us to know more.

Get Elite Mobile App Development In Sydney In Budget
Get Elite Mobile App Development In Sydney In Budget

We, at GetAProgrammer, present app development solutions that are meant to meet the target audience of the client. Also, we transact our services right on time and within an affordable budget. So, contact us shortly and avail the top-end Mobile app development in Sydney.           

Why Retail industry needs Android mobile app development

This article is going to highlight how mobile app development is impacting the retail industry. Read on and know why today’s retail industry needs mobile apps. Also, you will get to know what type of features can be included such retail apps.


A recent market analysis report by Retail Dive stated the fact “57% of shoppers use retailer mobile apps in-store”. So, this study clearly indicated how shopper behaviours are changing these days and the mobile retail space will witness more sales and revenue in the coming years.



For all their shopping needs, mobile consumers expect end-to-end mobile support. Thus, a retailer must allow its retail app to sell products, fulfill orders, tackle transactions, promote products and business, resolve and respond to customer queries, and so much more.   


Hence, an iOS or Android mobile app developer has to build an app keeping customer expectations in mind. Also, they need to ensure the app is usable, aesthetically appealing, and trustworthy when compared to other prevailing apps.


Here you will find some major benefits for having apps for the retail industry as a business owner. Also, you will find some must-have retail app features.


Business benefits of retail apps


  • As a business owner, you will get more opportunities for loyalty programs. Give your customers incentives in the form of discount coupons. First access to sales is another way for both your customers and business to feel the loyalty bond.


  • The more your customers are satisfied with your services the better for your business to grow and prosper. How? Well, people like to hear from other people. So, naturally, your satisfied customers will be one of the key factors to promote your brand and services. And retails apps can assure better customer satisfaction.


  • Customisable search engines allow the users to find exactly what they are looking for any time, anywhere. A dedicated retail app comes with this convenient feature to offer the customers a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the features that can make your retail app popular among the customers.


Quick registration process


Customers want convenience and ease. Having a lengthy and time-consuming registration process will put customers off your mobile app. Hence, ensure you cut down on the trivial details of a consumer for the registration process to retain customers’ interest in your app.


One-step checkout


Provide your customers with an easy and quick checkout process. The app must enable users to complete orders with the fewest steps possible and a minimum amount of information. For example, avoid making your customers enter shipping addresses every time they place an order. Better, save their addresses and other related details to save their time enabling more sales.



Multiple payment options


An app with multi-payment and currency support is one of the foremost requirements of localising your retail business. With many popular online payment methods available in the market, it is important to understand what the customer prefers and how effective the solution is.


Wishlist facility


Be it fashion, be it gift ideas, or be it any household product, consumers love the wishlist feature. The wishlist feature let them shop, save, and share an item on the go. More interestingly, this feature helps the customers to bookmark products they desire and will most likely buy later.


Other than these features, you can include other features like:


  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Offline capabilities
  • Push notifications etc. for wider acceptance of your retail application in the market.


Contact any trusted app development company and share your app idea. Consult with the best retail app developers to build an impressive app.


Johan Smith is an experienced Android mobile app developer, who is working in this mobile app development industry for years and has successfully guided plenty of app development projects for industry-specific businesses. Presently, he is associated with GetAProgrammer, one of the best Android and iOS app development companies in Australia and leading a team of expert app developers in Sydney.

Why Use Magento 2.0 For A Modern-age eCommerce Store?

This article takes an effort to explain the outstanding capabilities brought by Magento’s latest 2.0 version and how it can help in developing an eCommerce site as per the current standards of the online industry.


When it’s about developing an eCommerce site, you have plenty of options.  However, if you are looking for a platform that is not just reliable and easy-to-use, but also gives scope for customisations to a great extent. And without a doubt, Magento reigns out of the lot. It’s not just a powerful, secure, scalable but an all-around performer in bringing an eCommerce idea into a reality. Compared to any other platforms, Magento development has more potentiality because of its extensive developer tools, inherent features, extensions and over-the-top store architect. If you go deep into the trending statistics of the eCommerce sector, you could easily know about the significant share of Magento among other platforms after the successful releases of Magento 2.x versions.



Here are the reasons behind such widespread acceptance of eCommerce development with Magento 2.0 by businesses.


Interactive and intuitive themes

Well, that’s true. There are lots better in themes in Magento 2.0, that will help the businesses to get ahead with a store that rightly fits with their business ideas and products niche. Who does not love beautiful looking websites? We all do and the buyers coming to your site do too. So, at the very first stance, try making your site gorgeous to look at with excellent colour combination, design variety and receptive images so that most eyes get stuck at it.  


Out-of-the-box performances

Buyers are simply not going to buy anything if they have to wait longer for products to load and to move to other pages. Magento 2.0 well takes care of the speed aspect of your site, making it load at least 30-50% faster than other sites. The query performance speeds up quite much with it helping shoppers to have smoothest browsing experience.


Provides a Checkout method that people love  

Magento 2.0 comes with a very much updated check-out process. While the idea is to make it easier for every buyer to add products, finalise an order and make payments, the best thing is that the retailers can customise their checkout. They can choose to include only fewer steps, activate guest checkout option and many other options for increasing the conversions.


Enhanced analytics and reporting

Yes, Magento 2 gives retailers the impeccable tools for website performance analysis like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These inherent tools allow the store owners to know from time to time how their store is performing.


Helps to build a store with multi-language and multi-currency support

Magento 2.0 helps to develop a site that any customer accustomed to any language and belonging to any region of the world can understand the site and place orders. Magento 2.0’s support for multiple currencies helps retailers to sell in any part of the world by considering the tax regulations and other monetary standards.


Admin interface that’s simplest to use

Lastly, Magento 2.0 gives eCommerce merchants the comfort and flexibility to run and administer their store. Its new admin interface quite updated than that of version 1.0 with options of customising the business panel. They can customise dashboards in a way that will help easily manage orders, customer data, customer queries and products stocks.



The world today cannot be imagined without eCommerce. With millions of online store trailing, you need to be different and standalone. And Magento 2.0 is the key to it! With lots of major improvements and out-of-the-box functionalities, it is definitely going to make your site most captivating and easiest to manage.

Johan Smith is a highly experienced Magento developer in Sydney, at GetAProgrammer, a renowned web development company offering top-notch Magento development services to small and big retail businesses around the world.   Want to build a site with Magento or upgrade an old site to Magento 2.0? GetAProgrammer’s Magento developers team can help you!

What Real-time Features That Your Mobile App Needs To Have

This article tries to explain the advanced real-time features that app owners should be considering today to make their apps more lively and engaging.


Apps that give more chances to users to interact real-time are more successful than those which do not. Technology has been evolving fast and apps are no exception to that. Over the years, apps developers around the world are toiling hard to bring in improvements and features that can help an app work like a pro agent for any service or consumer products. Real-time features, that allows users to interact and utilise any service via the app in their actual time is one such great improvement the world witnessed. Most companies owning a mobile app are deploying them with instant features that will facilitate real-time engagement between the app and the users.


However, anyone, thinking to have some real-time features in their app needs to know first what they are actually.



Actual on-time feed

Mostly needed in mass-related or media apps, this feature will allow the users to be updated with real-time information, wherever they are. This must be added with the scheme of multi-user collaboration, which will allow everyone to add, edit, delete or update data simultaneously. With everyone able to put up information from their own end in the feed, the app gets a huge feed of all real-time data and information.


Push notifications

This too comes as a very crucial real-time feature for every modernised app which lets the users to be informed about the new things in the app. For instance, a new feature addition, any discount, promo offers, etc. Businesses can utilise push notifications for enhancing their retention.


Live Chat

Instant messaging or live chat feature is another affluent feature to integrate into your app which can help users engage with type texts, voice calls, video calls, and even group chats. They can even send away files, audios or videos. Real-time chatting enhances the collaboration of the users with the app and helps them better in availing the on-demand services.



Live streaming

This has become another much-needed feature for any advanced app in areas like travel, real estate, shopping and entertainment. Videos simply allow users to receive data with deeper interactions.


Order or Process Tracking

Live order status is another essential real-time feature highly relevant for on-demand service or product delivery apps. While business owners send their executives to deliver their product, the users can track the shipping and delivery information. The GPS feature of the phone needs to be integrated with the app’s interface to make tracking experience possible.  


No doubt, real-time features are taking app experiences to a whole new level. Thus, any app that fails to integrate any one of these is sure to lag behind when the expectations of people are growing too much.

Johan Smith is an expert app developer at GetAProgrammer, a renowned Android and iPhone app development company in Australia, that is helping businesses for years to signify their digital presence with exemplary mobile apps.

How To Get The Best Of Laravel Development Services

This article takes an attempt to provide you with a complete guide on how to have great Laravel development services for websites that are high on performance.

While there are lots of toiling and hard work behind the development of a website, a good PHP framework can ease the task to a great extent. The PHP programmers you have hired for your website will definitely make sure that the site is delivered with great design and user experience. While there are not one but a widespread number of PHP frameworks to deploy, Laravel, presently the most trending of all can assure you faster development, agile performance, and smoother experience as a website owner.



So, if you’ve made up your mind to bring up some really good website for your fellow customers, go for Laravel as it has proven success rate. But, before all that, go through this guideline on how to pick up the best service provider for Laravel development services.


Industry insights

To make your website stand out in your business field or area, get a team for Laravel developers who have a rich understanding of your industry. They should know well what kind of website will help your business to reach out to customers quickly and hold their attention.


Work portfolio

Do not ever forget to sneak at the earlier works delivered by the Laravel programmers whom you’ve chosen for your venture. Work portfolio will actually help you understand the level of the team’s expertise with the framework and how diverse their experience is. The more web projects they have delivered in various categories, the more experienced they prove to be.


Check for technical capabilities

Hiring someone who is technically adept all together but not only with the Laravel framework is so essential if you count your website project to be a modern-age website. You should double if the developers you’re hiring can keep up with all the current trends raging in the web and technology world and so can make your website a perfect fit in it.



Budget or expenses

While trained and dedicated Laravel developers in Australia can be hired at hourly as well as fixed time basis, you need to find out the one who can provide the best kind of service at the most reasonable rates. After you briefed your website criteria and requirements to them, the costs they estimate may vary with your estimation. But, find the partner whose quotations did not vary too much is the ultimate key for your budget project.


Look for communication ease

It’s quite hard to see the web project’s progress status, ask for new additions or feature modifications, or ask for previews if the developers’ team are seemingly unapproachable. Thus, make sure you do not fall for such nuisances when it is about communicating to your hired PHP programmers. No matter how, or in what way, you should be at ease to communicate with them regarding anything about your projects.


When it is about making a new-age, performance-driven and functionally adept website,  make sure to get a team of programmers with all these attributes. Perhaps, it always better to judge a lot and make a choice, than making a choice first and get judged for that.

Johan Smith is an expert Laravel developer in Sydney, working at GetAProgrammer, a top-ranked web development firm with key specialisation in Laravel development in Australia and has known to be have helped firms with immensely powerful websites and applications.

Develop eCommerce Website With Magento Developer
Develop eCommerce Website With Magento Developer

Leverage the full potential of Magento and develop a high-end online store with our eminent Magento developer in Sydney. Here, at GetAProgrammer, we make sure to create solutions that add value to client's online trade. Contact us to get further information about our services.

Things To Remember To Build An On-demand Service App

This article explains the key things to remember while the appreneurs plan for an on-demand service app to kickstart a new venture in the apps world.


There are widespread categories of on-demand apps that are running in the market in full swing. From instant cab services to spa and tailoring services, people have got today on-demand services through the apps in all areas. No matter where they are located, and what devices they use, such apps are accessible to all. While apps in on-demand services are rocketing, a large number of appreneurs wait to start out their venture in it. But before they jump in it, here’s a list of things that they should never miss out. They need to ask their hired mobile app development firm to must incorporate these features in their app.



Getting the target audience’s perception

While you know who will be your app’s target audience, make sure you also perceive their behaviour their expectations well. Knowing what they want and how they want it will help you guessing the features right for your app. Also, knowing their pain points in the kind of service you too will be providing will help them better.

Defining on-demand service provider

Who will be actually addressing or responding to the people’s on-demand needs? Like, it’s the driver for on-demand cars. The app must be able to communicate to the users about the details of the service provider i.e. photo, name, age, gender and other information. That is needed to ensure the reliability of the app and so users can be well assured about getting the service after placing their order.


Integrating push-notifications

Push notifications are needed as a compulsory aspect in on-demand apps to get the users coming to the app again and again. It helps the customers know about the arrival of your product or service, any new offer, any new addition to the service and so forth.


Secure and multiple payment systems

Besides providing the users with hassle-free online payment systems via credit/debit cards, eWallet and net banking, ensure that they are all reliable and secure system. All of the users primary and secondary financial credentials are saved up with no chance of breaches.



Order History

Well, this is essential because any kind of on-demand service has the maximum chances of being repeated. Thus, there should be a feature that will show up order history and allow users to repeat any order. Any service orders can be saved us favourites too to help users avail the same quickly at one click.

Real-time Tracking of service

On-demand service apps are at times pointless if they do not allow the user to view the activities of the service provider real-time. They must be allowed to track the order status after placing it in real-time. It instils the trustworthiness of users in the service.


Reviews and ratings

Lastly, let your app a feature that asks for users to put their genuine reviews and ratings regarding the app and its service. Showing off what other customers have said will encourage the ones who are thinking to use the app for the service.


On-demand apps market are flourishing too much! Before the market gets saturated, it’s time you grab your own space with a befitting app. Surely, this compact guide on the features will surely help you.

Johan Smith is an adept Android app developer in Australia working for GetAProgrammer, a visionary company for mobile app development in Sydney, that has been profound for building A-one applications for businesses in on-demand, and other industries.

CakePHP or Laravel? Here’s What You Should Know To Decide

This article presents a vivid comparison of two of the most popular PHP frameworks so that you can know which one to choose for your upcoming web project.



Confusing between two prevailing web application frameworks is common. With most frameworks evolving with time and in neck-to-neck competition, it’s really challenging to choose the apt one for your specific website or application development. Perhaps this article post will help. It has picked the two presently trending are also preferred by the web artisans globally. They are CakePHP and Laravel. It presents a precise comparative study of the two that will surely help you to get out of the dilemma.



Year of foundation

CakePHP was incepted long ago in 2005 while Laravel came to PHP market much later in 2011.


Current version

Despite being founded long years back, CakePHP is still running in lower version 3.x while Laravel is upgraded to 5.x. Thus, CakePHP has been unable to be run more updates and so is presumably lagging behind Laravel in many aspects.


Target base

CakePHP assists in the development of a wide array of web projects, including websites, web apps, cloud computing, governmental portal, big enterprise applications and so forth.

Laravel, on the other hand, only focuses on the web applications and websites of all sizes, scales and complexities.


Thus, it is expected that Laravel, being more specific in its target segment, have inherent, focussed functionalities that help in building high-end and performance oriented websites and web applications.



Ease of use

Laravel is pretty much easy to use compared to CakePHP. Hence, it is most times selected by the web developers projects of bigger scale. CakePHP being slightly complex needs more coding expertise and is chiefly used for smaller projects with intricate functionalities.

Moreover, Laravel has most recent web application frameworks need to build modern applications, i.e. object-oriented programming, whereas CakePHP is supported with document-oriented.



Laravel is clearly some step ahead from the CakePHP framework in terms of inbuilt functionalities. Starting from Symfony components, powerful template system, to event queuing. All these providers developers with more freedom to plan up their project structure as per their wish and develop it with lots of discretion.



Laravel allows for unit testing, where each component of the application is tested and validated. It ensures that the application runs flawlessly. This is not possible with CakePHP which supports either functional testing or UI validation.


Deciding between the two is subjective. It relies on the type of website or application you want to develop, its size or purpose. While if go with the popularity and ranking among the developers, Laravel is the one you should choose. However, CakePHP has some uniqueness and exclusive features which no other framework can provide owing to be its legacy in the PHP development domain. Thus, you need to choose wisely, depending on what kind of web solution you want to build for your business.

Johan Smith is an expert Laravel programmer in Sydney at GetAProgrammer, a renowned company for web development services with hands-on expertise in PHP including Laravel development in Australia and has been providing businesses with robust web solutions.